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My recognition is my title,

but this content will make me untitled

I am entitled to this story

Who I am, I am an untitled.

Perhaps, It’s funny for you, indeed!

But you’re pleasure won’t make me titled.

I am a bit confusing but trust me; I am morally a character

Don’t try to define me because sentence won’t match me.

I am untitled title, it’s elementary to understand

But who has time to think of me

That I am untitled.

Greet from the heart:) Thank you for reading!

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One perfect shot, and it’s changing the whole perception of survival.

The name gets bolder, and the presents achieve more admiration.

A perfect shot is to change everything in life.

Your goal becomes someone’s inspiration and you become an idol.

The struggle gets the name of stories, and applause welcomes the identity.

Life is so easy to change the mode, sometimes hurdles give you challenges, and later challenges receive fame. The difference is the survival of the mode, Which is the important role player to make one give a shot in life.

And everyone has that option to give a shot. Some scratches or few don’t. Choices depend upon perception to build the awards.

Greet from the heart:) thank you for reading!

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The dream is an illusion.
It breaks into pieces of mirror.
We think will accomplish it one day.

But sometimes,
That day never comes.
The dream is an unpredictable destination.
The route is unknown, but the images have clarity in binocular.

Mind is hazy, but desire has expectations.
What shall I do if it is broken?
My Wants are high, and fantasy is immense,
My dreams are not glued, but my dreams are blue.

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My responsibility is my duty; I am a social saint.

the jungle is not my way,

I am a free spirit

but caged in a society.

I do not act like a saint,

but I devote myself to my ethics.

I am a social saint,

whose preaches are less.

I am a saint with no uniform,

but I am wrapped with all the bounds.

I have an endless desire,

That is why I am a social saint.

I have my self-interest bucket,

Which never gets empty.

I can mold with time

My mind is not framed.

I live for society; I am a Saint for the community.

I am a Saint “Social Saint.

Greet from the Heart:) Thank you so much for the reading!

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I am the Queen of my heart,

That is enough for me to conquer the world.

I respect me; I owe me.

I don’t need the crown to show this world.

My confidence is my weapon to protect myself,

My love for myself is applause to crown me.

I belong to my mother’s lap dynasty,

who taught me how to sustain in space.

endurance is my strength in the fight for rights.

I am privilege with affection to grow more strong.

My self-respect is my crown; it never break down to rise me.

My spirit is my love; it doesn’t make my chin down.

I know my boundaries, but my limitations are not walled.

My love is enough to spread in hearts.

“I am the queen of my heart”.


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Sitting in chair

Staring to the window

With all empty heart.

Greet from the heart:) Thank you for reading!

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IF, I am the question mark!
But people view me as an ambition.
I am not possible; perhaps that is why I am if; If, I am the question.
Might be people thinking of me in a dream,
As they know, I am hypothetical.
But I always leave a question in existence.
If I was? If it would be? If it won’t.
Suppose I am the question; Which is maybe or not.

Greetings from the heart:) Thank you for reading!

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Sometimes heart and mind play with me

I do not allow it, but they create a whirlwind

Sometimes they play violin and take me to the sky

heart says love is joyous as the mind tells of being practical

Sometimes it’s a puzzle to whom I listen, but my heart says I am always there

My mind traps me and shows the reality;

The existence is tough. Don’t be fooled by the heart.

Sometimes it’s not easy to be determined,

To whom should I listen?

Sometimes it is very tough to stay in. Sometimes, my heart steals me, and my mind grabs me right.

Sometimes it happens.

Greet from the heart:) Thank you for reading!

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Under the sky, Moon is depressed when shines are the glue
It smiles with parameters to each day
Moon is blue, but it looks Merry.

Greet from the heart:) Thank you for reading!


Writer, poets, fashionistaa and a fun loving person who loves to enjoy every bit of life.

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